Posted on: October 20, 2009 10:39 am



New England Patriots : 59
Tennessee Titans / Houston Oilers / Some Highschool Team Posing as One of Those Teams: 0

Where to begin with this one....???  Let me start by saying, as a Titans fan living in Boston, this loss was especially rotten for me.  They didn't just lay an egg....they totally and completely laid down. 

The play calling was completely horrible on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. 

Defense :

 I knew that the going would be tough with Randy Moss and Wes Welker vs Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton .  Though, I didn't expect this!!  I don't understand Chuck Cecil's plan on defense.  The spacing in the secondary looks like a prevent defense...always.  I just can't accept that Michael Griffin and Chris Hope suddenly can't do their job.  Are two Pro-Bowl safeties just always that out of position?? This needs to change and I don't think that the players in the secondary need a large overhaul, but the game plan sure does.  I feel they need to get more creative with their blitzing.  At worst, they could let up big plays doing that but that should at least create some turnovers.  They are getting torched as it is....why not be more aggressive and see what happens?   

They need a replacement for Nick Harper .  That guy isn't on their current roster.  McCourty has good size and Mouton should be a nice nickel guy but I don't see either of them as a starter by choice; this year or next. 

I will chalk up the poor performance on run defense to the icey conditions.  I watch all the Patriot games and Laurence Maroney would not have had that type of game in good weather...period!  Especially that long run, as the safeties would have closed on him.  All I could picture when he was running was that kid from the Goonies saying, "Slick shoes, slick shoes!!!" as everybody else was sliding all around him.

Jason Jones got a couple sacks with a bum shoulder.  Thought we would see more of this from him after his rookie campaign.

The writing could be on the wall for Chuck Cecil.  An extra week to prepare for the Jaguars should be telling....

This...."Enough about Albert," DT Tony Brown said. "It's not like he's winning anything in Washington." awesome!


 Where the run defense gets a mulligan from me for the weather, Kerry Collins and Vince Young get no such pass!  Get it?!?! No "Pass"....they're Quarterb......oh forget it, I'm still punch-drunk from the game.  Even worse (to me) then Tom Brady going off for 380 yards and 6 TDs was Brian Hoyer going 9 for 11, 52 yards with back-up WRs as targets.  If they can do it...more specifically; If an undrafted rookie QB can do it, why not Collins or Young??  Again..the gameplan/play calling.  Other then his family/fantasy football players/people that bet he would win the rushing title; who was excited to see Chris Johnson getting 17 carries with the game that out of hand.  Should have been, "Vince..this is shotgun.  Shotgun...Vince.  You two are gonna hang out for the rest of the 4th quarter."  11:35 left in the game and they looked like they had no intent of passing.  I get the fact that they were not running badly, that Johnson and Javon Ringer were able to do some things and that Young fumbled one of his only shotgun snaps, but c'mon!  Try to score....try to move the ball through the air....try something...anything.  The Patriots don't cover TEs well at all...TE motion?  Slide Britt to the slot for some 8-12 yard passes to a big target.      

I am not convinced that Young is going to do anything when given the chance but what are the options?  **Ring...Ring....Hello?  Hi, this is Bud Adams Patrick Ramsey home?"**     

Happy to see Javon Ringer with some reps.  Could/should be a solid back-up. 

I hope that LenDale White puts the weight that he lost back on.  Maybe he can use some baby fat to protect the football! 

Jeff Fisher was quoted as saying, "....I have never been through anything like this before and, unfortunately, it happened tonight. I can assure you one thing, it's not going to happen again."  Well, thanks Jeff...that's a relief!!  We are all "assured" now that we do NOT have to endure another 59 point defeat!  How comforting!   

I see all the message board rumblings about Jeff Fisher's job.  Coach Fisher is still a great coach.  The axe shouldn't fall on him...yet anyway.  Cecil on the otherhand...Undecided


The much needed Week 7 bye week!!  Cortland Finnegan should be back for the November 1st match-up with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Week 8 is going to tell us a LOT about this football team. Looking at the upcoming schedule, I for one (and that might be literally "one" in the only one) think that the Titans could have 5 wins heading into the week 13 against the Colts .  I think that they should (not could, SHOULD), rip-off three straight wins vs the Jags, San Fransisco 49ers and Buffalo Bills .  Two weeks to prep for the Jags with some players back, then two run-first offenses, could be just what the doctor ordered!  If the Jaguars passing game does what they did on September 27th, they need to part ways with Chuck Cecil immediately following the game.   

....annnndddd I'm spent!

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